Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The daycare teachers held a one day strike today, but the director of my school did not participate. They are getting a "huge" pay increase - from 1800/mo to 5000/mo. But they want more. It costs my teacher 1800/mo for her own 2 kids school fees. Plus 300/mo for the rent of the day care center - no water, toilet or heat or supplies. She is fortunate her family took her back in after her husband died.

Last trip to McLeod (last shopping? - oooo the airport!), last day at the day care center, last hike home...eventually last glimpse of India. For now. Of all the places I have been on mission work, this is the one I will come back to first.
Six of us - 1/2 the group - leave now and will be together in Dehli for a day. Then I think I am the first one to get on the 12:15am flight on Saturday and be in Chicago by 5am the same day!

Not sure about internet in Dehli. Reflections after I get home.

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