Monday, April 26, 2010


I am serving with Cross Cultural Solutions this time.

There are about 15 of us arriving in Dehli on May 17 and then about 1/2 of them going to Dharamsala at the same time. We are all from the US, Canada or England. Volunteers rotate in and out of a central house as they work on different projects in the area and stay for different amounts of time. Three people to a sleeping area, "western" toilet and "bucket" shower. I like the idea of staying with other volunteers. Sometimes decompressing after a work day is easier if there are folks to talk to.

I have strong malaria drugs for this trip and had typhoid vaccine. Amazing to think that those diseases are still so common when we hear so little of them here. I went to a doctor who specialized in travel preparation. What a fascinating sub speciality!

I have been reading fiction and nonfiction about India. Any book suggestions?

There are very distinct geographic and cultural areas, and I will be in the far north. Dharamsala is more conservative than the bigger cities, espcially for those working with children. We were told to bring only minimal clothgin and plan ot by the appropriate dress in Dehli. I am very excited!

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