Thursday, April 29, 2010

Time Warp

Suddenly it is time to be serious about India! I've been checking off lists - electric adaptor, visa, post card labels. Now the list is "ruppees" and "malaria drugs." I do NOT have to negotiate chopsticks this year!

The weather in Dharamsala looks warm and wet - highs in the uper 70s and rain every day and night. I thought I was missing the monsoon season, but maybe this is just a rainy spell.

Lots of folks are asking if Bob is coming. I have the most wonderful husbnd in the world who understands these are trips I have to do on my own. I suppose it is a latent rebellion against the 50's "women can only be teachers, nurses and secretaries...until they get married." He worries...and then meets me at the airport.

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