Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another rule...

This one is right, too. CCS told us to not bring any supplies from the US - no markers or books or anything - but to use only what was supplied by CCS.

"What is supplied" is of the most minimal kind - a few markers, lots of broken crayons, construction paper and purple and green and the rattiest of books. It was frustrating the first couple of day to work out how to tech with these materials but while you can buy Lays potato chips ever 1K or so children's scissors are impossible to come by. So make do we did. I have cut all kinds of shapes and used a smudge of glue for each child rather than his/her own stick, been concrete and creative with what there is. Even that is so much more than the day care kids have at the school.

Today we cut out letters and stuck them on paper, let the kids color, stapled the pages together and made an alphabet book for the class. We are a long way from Power Point Hey Diddle Diddle!

Anyway the teacher told me they were enjoying the lesson and added, "I could do that." Ah-ha! If I brought bells and whistles from the US there would be no hope of her trying to replicate.

The temptation is HUGE to bundle up a box of $1 store supplies and ship it back after I go home. Don't even get me started on books!

For some reason that passes my understanding we are having Mexican food tonight.


  1. This sounds so amazing. I wish I was with you. Do you see any nativity scenes in your travels? I just wondered about that part of the world. I only have one (i think) from India. Praying for you. Jan

  2. There is not one nativity, or crucifix, or Blessed Virgin anywhere near here. The Anglicans came and left hardly a trace.