Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stretching percieved limits

So yesterday I had a choice of a nap or keeping my body in tune with today's young people and scaling the local mountain to see a temple. I set off with 4 college kids and slowly slowly - with a fair amount of heavy breathing on my part - we made it to the top! One guy has a fancy watch with all kinds of dials and measures but claimed it was calibrated to his home in Alaska. So maybe it was 200 feet up via mostly rocks and either "a few" or "6K" stairs. Down was easy! And at the top we found a cafe...with cars in the parking lot from driving up the other side! But where's the fun?

We work all morning and have classes in Hindi, discussions and Cultural Experiences in the afternoon plus a fair amount of reports to fill out since we are all working with NGOs and that means paperwork. Dinner is at 7 - today is Tandoori Wednesday and we are all excited to get meat! Well chicken.

Today the little girls in class wanted to wear scarves because I was. Their teachers wear them all the time but so easily they are not noticeable. I was noticeable since I kept adjusting. But when I put it over my head they did too and we all laughed.

My #7 child said BLUE today - that is the first word she has said ever in the school.

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