Friday, May 21, 2010

Where we are NOT

We are not in the bad storms on the coast or where the Naxals are blowing up things or where 2 people were trampled when a train changed boarding platforms. (Well we were in Delhi that day but went by air.) Up here it is just another sunny day at the foot of the Himalayas.

At school the classroom teacher had a meeting today so I was flying solo again. (There is an aid.) We are singing every song I know without a CD player! How is that possible? Today I actually risked the glue sticks and most of them knew not to lick it...

I walked home alone from daycare today = about 1km = but hardly a straight path. There are no straight paths. The hairpin turns are tight and right in the center of town. I only made two wrong turns. Anyway the teacher aid could not believe that I had access to a ride and choose to walk. When I thought about that, it made a great deal of sense she was amazed. For women, walking is the only option unless you unless you are going far enough to go on the bus or have a male who will drive you. When I see couples on motorcycles he has a large protective helmet and she has a veil. On the tip of my tongue was "It is good exercise," but I realized how even more amazing the concept of "needing to exercise" would sound.

I have seen lots of cows - one in the epicenter of a massive traffic jam - plus chickens, horses and dogs. Not a single cat. (Or a married cat for that matter - heheheh) There are supposedly 56 birds that are only found in India. I probably saw at least one.

I am not even remotely afraid here - I wasn't in China either, but in South Africa I never went out at night and did not even walk 1/2 block between houses on the advice of the locals. Here everyone is enormously respectful. The children love to try out a little English by yelling "hello." People always respond to my "namaste ji" with the same words and a smile.

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