Monday, May 17, 2010

from my window

snow capped mountains! The Himilayas are outsdie the back door. We took the 1 hour hop to Dharamshala today = more time in the airport than on the plane. Then a 40 minute ride up the side of the mountain with curves to rival anything I saw in Yellowstone = narrower lanes and no rails. Honk and dart method of driving in and out of the cities. But actually less traffic = and fewer people = than in China. I think there are more rural residents here.

Dharamshala is a wide place in the road compared to Delhi but on both sides of that road are colorful items for sale in the tiny shops. Auto parts, bottled water and chips, fresh fruit, shoes and locks with keys. Or keys without locks. Their primary work is support for the heavy touris in the next town up the hill, McLoed, the home of the Tibetian government.

It was 100+ in Delhi = much cooler here with a breeze. Cloudy over the mountains at the moment, but we can see enough to know we are close.

We start work tomorrow!

The language is smooth and the people are so polite and intrieging. It is a wonderful adventure already!

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