Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drop off

Yesterday our cultural excursion was being dropped off in a nearby town and having 1 hour to find the post office or a bank or some other assigned spot and make a transaction. So we are set for shopping now!

In teaching, colors today was stickers and markers. Two new students. Apparently when word gets around that an American is here teaching English, even 2/3 year old registration and attendance increases quite a bit. I'm not sure where we'd put more than 10, but it is good for the teacher. Who in fact took the day off so I was alone with my stickers and markers. When I think that at home my 2/3s have power point, CD player, puppets, brand new books...But it turns out Ring around the Rosy is universal! Why is a song remembering the effects of the Black Death international?? So far I have not heard any Wiggles or Barney.

Bathing - a bucket shower. OK - shower is in name only. There is a raised spigot but it has been disconnected. So there are two taps with a drain below, a large basin, a cup, and a bucket. Fill the bucket with water, wash hair first and rinse into basin. Then get into basin and wash self by pouring water from cup. After the bucket is empty and the basin is full, you are clean so dump basin down drain. The entire bathroom is now awash so grab the industrial sized squeegee and clean the floor. Rinse out everything. (I am actually afraid when Bob realizes how much water this saves it will be instituted at home!)

It is very nice being with a group of volunteers doing different jobs. Good interaction and always something going on. The food is absolutely fantastic!

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