Friday, May 28, 2010

The mountains are missing

Last night it rained and we are stuck on a cloud zone at the moment - no snow capped peaks or even foothills or valley below. Just cloud. It did mercifully cool things off a little.

Motorcycles turn off the engines to go down hill to save gas. Just think what San Francisco could save on fuel with that policy!

It took a week to mail my postcards: buy them, get stamps, not enough stamps, go back to PO and they are out of stamps, then a holiday, go back again and finally get them! And mailed the cards. That is pretty much how it goes here - not much gets done on the first try and noting in any hurry. Partly it is geography - it is hard to have the kind of hyperenergy we expect as Americans when it is so hot and there is no relief from it. Only 2 stores have AC in town: 1 electronics and 1 Nike brand stuff. Plus bad roads, little transport, and limited resources. Children who can leave, do leave, but not that many ever can.

The weekend holds a day trip somewhere and last shopping. Wonder if the duty free shop will be open at the air port.....

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