Wednesday, May 26, 2010

lunch and the full moon

The moon is almost full - I assume we are all looking at the same moon - but here it means a holiday for all government workers and schools for a festival! Yippee no work tomorrow! The teacher at my Day Care had me write it down so I would not forget not to come in. Oh no - not a chance! AND the Dahli Lama is coming to McLeod Up the Hill - he has returned from the stress of Iowa and Indiana to these roads. I bet he closes his eyes when they take the curves. Anyway his car will pass through town (Lama Mobile?) tomorrow at 2:30. Whoa! Some folks are signing up for passes to see him. I think it will be like the Pope and the President - it is enough to know we are in the same time zone.

Lunch at Lily's dare care: chicken and noodles, blueberries, bread and butter, peas and milk. Lunch at Dharmsasala: beans. Some already sprouted. Steamed in butter. Yesterday was wheat cereal with sugar. (That day the director told use they were having Swedish food - who ludfisk? How international! Ah - "sweet-ish...")

It is hot hot hot - 100+ by the time I go to work. No idea what it is as I walk home at noon. The monsoons begin the first of July and I can see what everyone gets a little crazy to see the rain and have it cool off.

Shopping was even more insane in town today - the rush to prepare for holiday and the Dahli Lama at once brings out the aging hippies on rented motorcycles, the tourist cabs that only have horns and no brakes, and the cows who always have the right of way.

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