Monday, May 24, 2010

Where have all the hippies gone?

Found them! Huddled around the Dala Lama in Exile in McLeod just north of here. North meaning 2000 M up. The first time the roads have been traveled enough to put up signs about curves - in case you can't see the cars directly above you going the other way. As you travel up the road the shop faces change from Indian to Tibetan and the shoppers are European, American, Asian seeking enlightenment. And shirts that say "Free Tibet." Needless to say the beggars are more active - although they still do not rival parts of Rome.

The teacher I work with was talking about beggars today. She does not like the one who come around the local market because "they are from a different state." They travel to Dharamsala knowing the generous foreigners are there, they beg a bunch of money, wire it home and come back for more, after keeping a portion to eat and drink well. She helps out in her father's restaurant and sees them come in!

She is a widow but since her in laws were not living she was allowed to return home to her family to live with her tow children. At first she said people said mean thgins about a "woman alone" but she worked to complete her MA in history. I asked when she will do when her parents die - if she can continue to live with her brothers family. She said, "Oh by then my son will be grown and I will live with him." Women - even educated ones - still are dependant in this part of the country on the men they are related to.

We were watching an Indian Soap today - someone asked what was going on. I said, "That is the evil women(note the arched eyebrows) and that is the good woman (pure, wide eyes) and Evil is battling Good over - imagine this - a man!" One of the Indian staffers said, "Yes! How do you know that?" Same same in South Africa and China. We all Search for Tomorrow!

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