Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend 1 = sort of

Well, actually we all worked today because we were traveling on Monday. Next weekend we get S/S off and can go on an expedition. So I was back in the classroom with scissors, paper and clay teaching shapes.

A couple of the mothers stayed to "talk" today = I showed them the picture book of family photos. The women were our daughters' ages so they could relate to everything but the blond hair and blue eyes. On the way out, one tried her first words in English: thank you. She did fine, but it brought on a fit of hysterical giggles!

News from home: If the CUBBIES are winning I'll never know. We get BBC which may or may not be in English = what is a "boot" on a car? hehehehe Then we get National Geographic in Hindi, but snakes swallowing rodents twice their size translates well. We get the Indian papers in English but it is all about the news of the Indian states and politics and economics. We did get a picture of the Obamas when their Protocol chief slipped in her dinner gown. I thought she landed quite gracefully and did not deserve international coverage. We also heard about redefining "nude" = alert the Crayola people that "flesh" is out, too.

But a new generation of Indian children have now been introduced to "Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?" so all is right in the world.

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